5 Tips to Running an Effective Website

July 25, 2019, Corporate

Running a website or a blog is a great way for a businesses to gain exposure. It’s an important form of digital marketing that will help you build a solid online presence. Through running an effective website, you can find potential clients, interact with your current customers, and expand your reach.

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Breaking Out of your Comfort Zone

July 21, 2019, Lifestyle

By EFG Hermes Media Samuel Beckett once said: “Life is habit. Or rather, life is a succession of habits.” It’s easy to get stuck in a series of habits and then suddenly find ourselves running in a hamster wheel, either at work or at home. It’s understandable — habits give us structure and security. But […]

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Six Ways to be an Effective Leader

July 10, 2019, Corporate, Leadership, Lifestyle

By EFG Hermes Media We tend to think that leaders are naturally comfortable with taking control and paving the way for others. That innate features like charisma, good communication, and integrity are why they lead so well. But, are leaders truly born, or are they developed in time? It would be highly ambitious to think […]

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