How has the Kenyan market performed in 2021 and what should we expect during the upcoming election year of 2022?

February 3, 2022, Business, Consumer, Economics, Finance, Securities Brokerage

Author: Muammar Ismaily – VP & Analyst at EFG Hermes Kenya During the year 2021, the Kenyan equities market performed relatively well, with NASI, NSE 20 and NSE 25 increasing by 9.43%, 1.83% and 9.62%, respectively. The best performing stocks were Car & General (+54.32%), Equity Group (+44.32%) and BK Group (+41.46%). Notably, Safaricom, which […]

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Cybersecurity Threats in the Financial Industry

March 9, 2021, Consumer, Corporate, Finance, Information Technology

Author: Mohamed Fathy – IT Department at EFG Hermes Over the last decade, cyberattacks have been among the biggest threats to financial institutions. Advances in technology have honed cybercriminals’ skills and techniques. They’ve also become more organized, forming groups that make it difficult for financial service providers to manage cybercrime risk. Losses from cybercrime are […]

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