A business journey in your customer’s shoes

August 27, 2020, Communication, Consumer, Ideas

Nadia is a 26-year-old employee who, despite her average pay, is obsessed with fashion, and constantly browses for clothing and accessories online. Since she is not interested in one specific item, she makes sure to check different websites and brands. She, however, prefers local brands, proudly produced in her home country. While looking at a […]

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A Brief Introduction about Data Management Platforms (DMP) and How it Reshapes Marketing

June 3, 2020, Communication, Consumer

Marketers and product development executives have been, until recently, designing their campaigns mostly on assumptions derived from business and personal observations of market trends and/or personal experiences. For seasoned marketing executives in their local market, it was easy to forecast how the audience would perceive the ad or the product due to the presence of […]

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