Finding Work-Life Balance

November 29, 2018, Lifestyle

Written by EFG Hermes Finding work-life balance is one of the toughest endeavors a modern worker can take on. Our jobs are more demanding than before, we’re connected 24/7 and expected to respond at any and all hours. If you work in finance, this is especially true; markets never sleep. It could be midnight where […]

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Five Tips to Overcome Anxiety Over Market Volatility

November 22, 2018, Investment Banking, Lifestyle, Private Equity, Research, Securities Brokerage

Written by EFG Hermes Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just someone who likes to track market activity, you’re probably well versed in the fact that markets occasionally suffer losses — at least when you know your investments are doing well. In uncertain climes, however, you may start getting anxious and question the investment decisions […]

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Turn Passion Into Profession

November 8, 2018, Lifestyle

In our last post, we outlined the difference between a career and a job, concluding that professional development is the cornerstone of transforming what could be a routine job into the career of your dreams. Professional development, we argued, is what makes the difference between simply doing your job well and turning what you do […]

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Make Your Career Ambitions a Reality

November 4, 2018, Lifestyle

We’re constantly being bombarded with messages that life’s too short to waste time working a job you don’t enjoy. And while that’s a noble line of thinking, the more years you work the more you start to realize that’s much easier said than done. Straight out of college you think you’d never settle for less […]

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