5 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

July 7, 2019, Lifestyle

In spite of being aware of the many health risks associated with smoking, people continue to smoke. That’s because for many, smoking is a way to cope with stress, anxiety, and boredom —making it both a physically and psychologically addictive habit. Putting down the smokes for good is undeniably difficult, but once you’ve made the […]

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Understanding Your Brain – Vol. 4/4

June 29, 2019, Uncategorized

By: EFG Hermes Media Decisions, Decisions. Each day, we all have countless decisions to make, ranging from what to have for lunch, how we spend our money, and even how we spend our time. With all these choices to make, how consciously aware are we of all the factors our brains take in to drive […]

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Understanding Your Brain – Vol. 3/4

June 20, 2019, Uncategorized

By: EFG Hermes Media Real or Reality? Your sense of reality is based solely on what your brain interprets based on the information it stores and the way it is uniquely built. Around 3% of the population have a condition called Synthesia, which is the inter-crossing of senses. To these people, they see different letters […]

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Understanding Your Brain – Vol. 2/4

June 12, 2019, Uncategorized

Let go We have always been taught to focus when we want things to get done efficiently. Accounting for all the variables and considering every detail. Burning away through our stress levels to achieve the highest performance we can manage. Sometimes it takes us a while to get something done and sometimes it takes us […]

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