Kuwait Index Reclassification

October 16, 2017, Research

What effect will Kuwait’s new FTSE emerging market status have on market inflows? Some are expecting to see inflows of around USD700mn as a result of the inclusion on the index. Other investors are giving more conservative estimates because Kuwaiti stocks might have a combined weight of only 0.11% of FTSE Emerging Markets. In general, […]

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The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

September 17, 2017, CSR

The many challenges that Egypt currently faces present many opportunities for us to contribute on both the individual and corporate levels. Here at EFG Hermes, we believe that giving back to our communities is just as important as serving our clients and delivering returns to our shareholders. The creation of the EFG Hermes Foundation in […]

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Could Perseverance be the Seventh P?

August 22, 2017, Corporate

Upon receiving the invitation to write this blog, I sat there thinking about the topic that would be most interesting to tackle. While it is quite liberating to have the choice, it is also somewhat inhibiting because you want to come up with something that makes sense not just to you but to the reader […]

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