5 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

July 7, 2019, Lifestyle

In spite of being aware of the many health risks associated with smoking, people continue to smoke. That’s because for many, smoking is a way to cope with stress, anxiety, and boredom —making it both a physically and psychologically addictive habit. Putting down the smokes for good is undeniably difficult, but once you’ve made the […]

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Steps to Effective Public Speaking – Vol. 1

May 30, 2019, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

By: EFG Hermes Media   You’re a genius. You’ve got all the facts, the knowledge. You’re well informed on a specific topic, maybe even more than anyone around you, but for some reason you can’t get your point across. Public speaking is an art of delivery. It can be as simple as speaking to a […]

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Eight Tips for Effective Self-Study

March 12, 2019, Lifestyle

By: EFG Hermes Media In today’s world, we often forget that our tablets, smartphones, and computers aren’t just ways to scroll our days away, but are actually useful tools for self-education — a key plank in growing our career ambitions and personal ones. Be it looking to expand your financial knowledge, polish your presentation skills, […]

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Playing on Your Smart Phone? Get Productive

February 24, 2019, Lifestyle, Securities Brokerage

Mobile gaming has become an addiction to a lot of people. True, games are entertaining and are a great pastime. However, this adds to one of the biggest problems people face today: time management. We are counting every minute of the day just to stay productive and competitive because we realized that this is definitely […]

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