How to Identify and Address Burnout

January 26, 2020, Lifestyle

By EFG Hermes Media Burnout is a word that popped up a few years ago and suddenly became a staple in everyone’s vocabulary. But what is burnout? How can you tell if you suffer from it? Can it be treated or mitigated? What is burnout? Burnout is a modern ailment, stemming from our stressful and […]

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Breaking Out of your Comfort Zone

July 21, 2019, Lifestyle

By EFG Hermes Media Samuel Beckett once said: “Life is habit. Or rather, life is a succession of habits.” It’s easy to get stuck in a series of habits and then suddenly find ourselves running in a hamster wheel, either at work or at home. It’s understandable — habits give us structure and security. But […]

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