Four Pillars to Maintain Business Productivity While Working Remotely

April 12, 2020, Business, Corporate, Information Technology, Leadership

By Mohamed El Wakeel Group Chief Operations Officer, EFG Hermes Holding Due to the current COVID-19 situation, companies around the world are adjusting to remote work and many are facing logistic and operational challenges as they convert their traditional models to fully – or majorly – remote models. However, companies that invest in the most […]

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Six Ways to be an Effective Leader

July 10, 2019, Corporate, Leadership, Lifestyle

By Mina Ayoub, Communications Executive at EFG Hermes. We tend to think that leaders are naturally comfortable with taking control and paving the way for others. That innate features like charisma, good communication, and integrity are why they lead so well. But, are leaders truly born, or are they developed in time? It would be […]

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Seven Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneur

April 22, 2019, Business, Ideas, Leadership

By: EFG Hermes Media Ever wondered what it takes to become an entrepreneur? To think and act like one? Entrepreneurs have a unique mindset; how they think about the world around them, how they process their problems, how they create their opportunities. But the entrepreneurial mindset isn’t just helpful to get a business off the […]

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