A business journey in your customer’s shoes

August 27, 2020, Communication, Consumer, Ideas

Nadia is a 26-year-old employee who, despite her average pay, is obsessed with fashion, and constantly browses for clothing and accessories online. Since she is not interested in one specific item, she makes sure to check different websites and brands. She, however, prefers local brands, proudly produced in her home country. While looking at a […]

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Seven Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneur

April 22, 2019, Business, Ideas, Leadership

By: EFG Hermes Media Ever wondered what it takes to become an entrepreneur? To think and act like one? Entrepreneurs have a unique mindset; how they think about the world around them, how they process their problems, how they create their opportunities. But the entrepreneurial mindset isn’t just helpful to get a business off the […]

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Six Ways to Find Daily Inspiration

April 7, 2019, Ideas, Lifestyle

With all the tasks that litter your to-do lists, it’s no wonder you might be overwhelmed and uninspired. From meetings to conferences to the unread emails in your inbox, priorities at work often take up the lion’s share of your brain. Feeling inspired, be that at work or in your personal lives, is an afterthought […]

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