A Brief Introduction about Data Management Platforms (DMP) and How it Reshapes Marketing

June 3, 2020, Communication, Consumer

Marketers and product development executives have been, until recently, designing their campaigns mostly on assumptions derived from business and personal observations of market trends and/or personal experiences. For seasoned marketing executives in their local market, it was easy to forecast how the audience would perceive the ad or the product due to the presence of […]

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How to Work in a Multicultural Environment

February 19, 2020, Communication, Corporate, Lifestyle

Technology and globalization have simultaneously made our world smaller while increasing diversification in most businesses and communities. Whether your career involves collaborating with people across the globe or within your own neighborhood, it is likely your professional environment is already pretty diverse. Working in a multicultural environment can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Research […]

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Five tips to write like a journalist

June 10, 2019, Communication, Lifestyle

Today, writing has become an essential form of communication. We jot down notes, craft emails, and write up presentations almost every day for work, while our personal lives have become filled with social media posts and text messages. How you communicate can make the difference between getting your point across efficiently and having it completely […]

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Steps to Effective Public Speaking – Vol. 1

May 30, 2019, Communication, Lifestyle

By Mina Ayoub, Communications Executive at EFG Hermes.   You’re a genius. You’ve got all the facts, the knowledge. You’re well informed on a specific topic, maybe even more than anyone around you, but for some reason you can’t get your point across. Public speaking is an art of delivery. It can be as simple […]

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