5 Tips to Running an Effective Website

5 Tips to Running an Effective Website

By: EFG Hermes Media

Running a website or a blog is a great way for a businesses to gain exposure. It’s an important form of digital marketing that will help you build a solid online presence. Through running an effective website, you can find potential clients, interact with your current customers, and expand your reach. While that’s all well and good, creating and keeping a website up to date with relevant information is easier said than done. Here are five quick ways to help set you up for success, whether you want to run a personal food blog, a website for a small side venture, or you’re helping set something up for your firm.


  • Define your blogging purpose

First of all, you need to find a purpose. Are you doing it to build a platform to connect with your customers? Are you doing it to advertise your brand/products? Are you doing it for money? By defining your purpose, you’ll be able to better determine who your target audience is and begin tailoring content specific to them and to your purpose, which will help you gain more traffic.


  • Do your research before writing

Content creation is the most difficult part of managing a website. You need to develop content that is relevant to your purpose and your target audience that is still interesting and fresh. It’s important that you do your research to ensure you’re well-informed about topic you’re posting about, the content you’re creating, or the product you’re marketing.


  • Create an outline and find a catchy title

Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to get cracking. Before you begin, create a site map and content outline to help you stay on track. Set a word count for blog posts or product posts and make sure they’re not too long — after all, we’re living in the generation of 140 characters or less. And while we’re on that topic, catchy titles and content are key to getting hits. There’s a reason clickbait content is so popular.


  • Get your website noticed

In order to run an effective blog or website, you need to generate traffic. That means that people need to read, share, and comment on your posts. While in the beginning it can be hard to generate a noticeable amount of traffic, there are ways to get your blog noticed. You can use a number of methods such as advertising, social media, and email marketing to get your blog up and running.


  • Build consistency

Posting consistently will help you generate a regular audience base. While it can be difficult to post on a regular basis due to time constraints and a lack of motivation, try and update your website as regularly as you can or at least keep your linked social media updated consistent.  Make sure your post appears on search engines and that your regular readers continue to look for and see your latest posts.